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The site lists every enamel Badge issued for the Football Club up to and including the 2015-2016 season  

(when I finally get time to update last seasons badges properly).

Together with a friend, we have every BLACKPOOL F.C. badge in our collections.

Please ask any question on any item by clicking the contact page above.

I have 100's of spare BFC Badges which I'd be happy to help you with if you need to expand your collection.




Unfortunately over the past 18 months people have been issuing Blackpool F.C. badges in many different colour ways. Some badges have been issued in 12 or more different colours which is ridiculous and they are purposely produced to rip off genuine football fans, albeit the more gullible ones! They are also in some circumstances issuing cheap / nasty plastic insert badges and asking up to £8 a badge. Most of these sellers use eBay to distribute and sell their unethical Badges, I just won't entertain them anymore. For this reason I have decided to stop at 2015-2016 and just buy the odd Limited Edition or other badge which takes my fancy. Therefore I will concentrate on making the site the ultimate guide to BFC Badges from the very formation of BFC right through to 2016.














CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME BFC014 RARE Old BFC Supporters Club. 1930's Pin Ba LC014 Milk Bottle White. 2 of 3. D20 mms SH180 Original Issue Gomm Badge. H24 mms SH189 Large Plastic. Old 1950-60's W52 mms S008 Lotto White Shorts. H20 mms P047 Stan Matthews. Plastic. D28 mms images croppedimage613299-BST logo